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Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

  • I've been working hard on my demo reel during pretty much all of my free time lately. It's a very large undertaking, so it still feels like I'm staring at the foot of a mountain. My end goal is to render two shots with my steam engine locomotive. The first will be a very close up shot of it leaving the station, while the second will focus on integrating the locomotive into a larger environment.

    The locomotive model was purchased from Turbo Squid, but it was one solid mesh so it took quite a while to separate each and every little piece and UV map them all. The locomotive also lacked it's Tender, so I have modeled this part myself. Lucky for me there's a Frisco 1527 Locomotive (Photo courtesy Bill Allen) less then 5 miles from my house at Spring Hill Park, and it has it's trusty Tender sitting idly behind it.

    I'm also going to be using some of Alvaro Luna Bautista's models from the popular lighting challenge "The local train" hosted by Jeremy Birn on CGTalk. The gallery for that challenge is HERE.

  • Technical Goals

    • Render tons of steam using either prman 15′s new multi-scattering volumes, or Mantra's standard volumes with animated displacements. Maya fluids are also an option.
    • Every texture map in the scene will be baked and converted to prman 15′s new PTEX format for the highest level of efficiency and quality.
    • Use non-standard lighting conditions. (low light, snow, etc.)
    • All textures will be filtered using filter regions to prevent any aliasing. New slim templates will be created to support this.
    • I would like to integrate spherical harmonic environment lighting into Houdini's compositor to help save me time when it comes to finalizing the lighting on my reel.
    • Final Renders will be in OpenEXR format @ 2k resolution.

Houdini and RenderMan MIME Type Icons

Friday, January 1st, 2010

This is a few icons I've put together to help me out when navigating my file system. All the icons are created from scratch in Inkscape, so they will scale to any size. I've included various sizes of the icons (SVG + PNG) so they should adapt to whichever icon them you use.

Instructions for incorporating these into your icon theme are included.

CG MIME Types (updated 02/21/09)