Working on the environment

Here's a small update. Rendered with prman using my shaders and tools from within Houdini. I painted all the textures using Mari. The environment map used on this scene is a ptex env map. It's used in both the occlusion and reflection calculations. Everything is still being rendered out as a single pass at this point, with all blending, etc. being calculated in the shader.

I'm testing some different environment lighting, and textures for the environment. Right now I'm pretty happy with the desert environment.

train render

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  1. Rafael Says:

    Hey, Alan
    Awesome stuff! I just noticed that the compression in the movie file is killing the detail on the ground (around the locomotive) which is a pity :)

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Rafael.
    I'm guessing you found my reel

    It does suffer from both compression, and high frequency noise in my textures (bump + displacement). I got myself in a pickle, as I wanted it finished for last year's Siggraph, but couldn't realistically deliver on that without reducing my render times below 1 min per frame. (The image above took 30 mins)

    I'll get around to rendering it again one of these days.

    Kind regards,

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