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Field3D ImplicitField DSO for prman – motionblur

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

motionblur from Alan Warren on Vimeo.

This is a continuation from my previous posts regarding the rendering of volumes from Houdini in prman.

This is a short test with velocity driven motionblur, computed internally within my DSO.

The result should be more pronounced compared to previous test I posted on vimeo, which I removed. (you didn't miss much) I made a mistake in the way I handle scalar velocity fields, which led to incorrect data being presented to prman for the Y and Z axes. That's been solved, but I'm still not entirely happy with the result. It may be the resolution of my voxel grid, but I'm not pleased with the "streaky" look the blur has. It may also be alleviated with different shutter timing, and lower shading rate. More experimentation will follow.

Rendering Volumes from Houdini in PRMan – Part 2

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

This is test render showing my progress writing a pyro shader in RSL.

prman – RSL pyro shader test from Alan Warren on Vimeo.

I'll provide a more thorough breakdown with pretty pics soon. For now, a quick rundown.

My ImplicitField DSO has access to the same scalar fields present in Houdini's smoke simulation. Of these fields, I'm using burn, heat, density, temperature and fuel as separate AOV's.

The most important scalar fields for the visual appearance of an explosion are temperature, heat, and density. In order to get that "fire" look, I map a ramp ( spline in RSL speak ) to the heat field, blending from black, orange, yellow, and white. I then scale the result by the temperature field. This gets me 90% of the above look. The rest is done by small modulations of the field data, and adding noise.

I'm using raytraced transmission shadows from my key light in the above video. In the future, I'm going to add support for Pixar's new areashadow() shadeop, and physically plausible shading.

I apologize for the low resolution. This isn't a final result though. The above video was very quick to render. So far I'm very impressed with prman's RiVolume() primitive compared to Blobbies. It's naturally a bit quicker, and it has access to the radiosity cache, which RiBlobby does not.