Shaders Archive

  • Rendering Volumes from Houdini in PRMan – Part 2

    Here's a test render showing my progress writing a pyro shader in RSL.

  • RSL Surface & Spotlight

    This is a surface shader with many different features built for PRMan. It works in conjunction with aw_spotlight and aw_prman_envlight to produce various AOV's in Houdini.

  • RSL – Glass

    This is a glass shader that I've been working on in RSL. I used the VEX Glass shader found on od[force] as reference.

  • VEX uber shader

    I’ve been working on a “uber shader” of sorts. It incorporates per-light image planes (AOV’s) with various anisotropic specular models. I’ve also added some cool stuff like sRGB decoding for texture maps saved in non-linear color space and absorption.